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Name Description
Adding 2Adding 2 to numbers within 12
adding 1Adding 1 to numbers within 20
subtracting 1Subtracting 1 from numbers within 20
Mr Doubledoubles to 6 + 6
Add or subtract 1Adding or subtracting 1 from numbers within 20
Sammy SquareCan you work out the square of the given numbers?
Multiplication FactsTest your knowledge of your times tables
Dividing by 8Can you divide the following numbers by 8?
How valuable is 4?What is the value of the digit 4 in each of the following numbers?
Subtracting two 2-digit numbersCan you answer the following subtraction calculations?
Add on 10 with Miss AdditionLook at the number and add 10 more to help Miss Addition with her mental maths!!
Adding 2 three digit numbers
Multiplication Facts 5 and 10 times tables