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Name Description
2 Times TablesPractise your 2 times tables. Beware - they're not in order!
5 Times TablesLearn your 5 times tables. Remember - they're not in order!
10 Times TablesRevisit your 10 times tables. Warning not in order!
11 Times TablesPractice your 11 times tables. Look at the pattern!
9 Times TablesHere is the 9 times tables. Lots of patterns (both digits add to 9).
3 Times TablesLearn and practice your 3 times tables.
4 Times TablesPractice your 4 times tables. Beware still not in order!
6 Times TablesPractice and learn your 6 times tables.
7 Times TablesLearn and practice your 7 times tables.
8 Times TablesPractice your 8 times tables. Remember - They are not in order!
12 Times TablesLearn and practice your 12 times tables.
Y1 Number BondsMaking pairs add up to 10
Y2 Number BondsAddition and subtraction number bonds to 10
Y1 One MoreTo add one more to a number
Y2 DoublesFinding doubles of numbers up to 100
Y1 Simple AddsTo find out how many there are altogether
Y1 SubtractionTo find out how many are left
Mr Cope's 2X, 5X and 10X tablesAre you good enough to get 20 out of 20 on my hard times tables?