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Marston Thorold's Charity Church Of England School

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Name Description
3x tablesA quick practise of your 3x tables!
4x tablesCheck your knowledge of the 4x tables
6x tablesA bit harder - time yourself!
7x tablesPractise hard with these - practice makes perfect!
Number Bonds to 10A quick game to test your knowledge.
2 x tablesEasy Peasy!!!
5 x tablesRemember the end digit and that will help you!
10x tablesNo problem!
8 x tablesConcentrate hard on these!
9 x tablesRemember to use your fingers with these!
DoublesUp to double 10
DoublesUp to double 20
HalvingNumbers up to 20
Mixed times tablesTime yourself and try to beat your times!
Mixed Multiplication 1 and 2 x tables
Mixed Multiplications3 and 4 x tables
Mixed Multiplication6 and 7 x tables
Mixed Multiplication8 and 9 x tables
Multiplying by 10Multiply the numbers by 10
Multiplying by 100 and 1000Mixed numbers