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Name Description
6x tableHow well do you know your 6x table? Have a go to find out!
7x tableDo you know your 7x table? Have a go and find out!
8x tableCan you remember them all?
9x tableRemember, add ten and take one off.
Number bonds to 10Do you know every way to make ten?
Number bonds to 100.Make 100, 20 different ways.
5x tableCan you get them all right?
2x tableAll the 2s.
3x tableTry and spot the pattern.
4x tableThey are all muddled up.
DoublingDouble the numbers.
HalvingCan you half the numbers?
10x tableHow many can you get right?
Adds to 20Will you get them all!
Takes to 20Will you get 100% right?
+ and - to 50.A bit tricky.
Multiplying by ten.Multiply each number by ten
Dividing by ten.Divide the numbers by ten.
Fractions and PercentagesCan you get every single one!
Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.A tricky mixture.
Adding and taking with decimals.Enjoy!
Round these numbers to the nearest 10.Does it go up or down?
Round these numbers to the nearest 100.Can you get 20 out of 20.
Odd or evenCan you tell which is odd and which is even?
12 timestableThis quiz by madison
12x in random Muddled 12x tables in random order by Sophie and Sam.
Robin Hood's archery ClubThe aim of the game is to get a times table question correct and Robin hood will shoot a arrow at a target and it will give you Harvey and Matthew.
ace times tablesIt is the most ace times tables game ever
add rush by sydney and ruby roseThis is a amazing game to test your adding skills
Shoot the targetThe game will fire random times table questions at you and you have to shoot the moving answer.
13 timetableCaden,thomas and adamw
pacmans 3 xPacmans back !! He's in school again and forgotten his 3's. Can you help him ??? His teachers too mean !! 12's next !!! Made by Harrison.J.O.Davies
long adds by Ruby and Sydadd add add
2 digit addsA 2 digit adding game by caden,thomas and adamw