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Name Description
Year 6- Squares Have a go at these... make sure you can calculate them really quickly!
Year 6- Triangles
Year 6- Circles
Jupiter CirclesDoubles
Jupiter TrianglesDoubles
Jupiter SquaresDoubles
Jupiter HexagonsDoubles
Mercury 2x tables2 times tables out of order...try to improve your speed
Mercury 5x tablesTry your 5 times tables out of order and try to improve your speed
Mercury 10x tablesTens in order to start with
Mercury 3x tablesTry to do these as quickly and accurately as you can...they are not in order!
Mercury 4x tables4 times tables out of fast and correct can you be?
Mercury 6x tablesGetting tricky now...out of order again
Mercury 9x tablesOut of order for practise
Mercury 7x tables7 times tables out of order to really test your brain power!
Mercury 8x tables8 times tables for speed and accuracy out of order