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Name Description
10 times tablesWeek 2 summer 1 Here are your tables for this week
X10,X100,1000Here are some sums that you can practice from the number work we've done this week. Don't practice this test until you've been taught the method. This is for red group only. Try to compete the activity. If you get any wrong don't worry just have another go. Practice makes perfect! Have fun!
division facts 10 Week2 summer1 Division facts.
times tables 8
division facts Here is the division facts to learn for this week.
9 times tableThis week test will be on Friday. Get practicing! :)
division facts 9
x11 tablesHere are your tables for this week. Please practice.
11 รท practicePlease practice these division problems for the test on Friday.
Decimals to percentagesClass 5 year 5 and 6 can you change the decimals into a percentage? Good luck
x6 and x7Week 5 summer 1. Here are your tables to practice this week. There are also some division problems for you to work through on your activity platform