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Name Description
Year 5 Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesUse the taught methods to answer these questions carefully
Year 5Can I multiply by 8 ?
Year 5Can I multiply by 7 ?
Year 5 Mixed BagRead the question and answer it as accurately as you can.
Year 5 Wave 3Number bonds to 20
Year 5Can I divide by 9 ?
Year 5Can I multiply by 9 ?
Year 5Can I divide by 7 ?
Year 5Can I divide by 8 ?
Y4set1times tables
Oceans- Number bonds to 10Number bonds to 10
3 X Table Problems _ Year 4Solve these by using your 3 Times Table Knowledge.
4 x Table Problems Year 4solve using 4 times table
Joseph SherwoodTo learn your 3 x table - mixed.
2/1 Numeracy Group5x table
2/1 Numeracy Group2x table mixed questions
2/1 Numeracy Group2x table
2/1 Numeracy Group5x table mixed
2/1 Numeracy Group10x table
2/1 Numeracy Group10x table mixed